Sodexo UK and Ireland provides integrated facilities management services to help improve the quality of life for clients, customers and employees.

Our objective is to improve the well-being of individuals and increase the competitive performance of our clients in environments such as the corporate workplace, hospitals, schools, universities and prisons.

Discover more about Sodexo’s values and services in each of our Blogs:

Quality of Life Blog:

This blog enables us to share our stories of improving Quality of Life for the people we serve.

These posts are all written by employees of Sodexo, including subject matter experts for specific areas, our corporate communications team and people across our business with something to say.

Careers Blog:

These posts are written by the UK & Ireland Resourcing Team, as well as various Sodexo subject matter experts.

We will feature industry insights and behind the scenes stories which we hope will give you a unique view of what it’s like to work for one of the largest employers in the world.

We have a host of talented people dedicated to delivering quality of life services – these are their stories.

Diversity & Inclusion:

The Sodexo diversity & inclusion blog represents our employee networks in the UK & Ireland. This blog represents our commitment to supporting our diverse workforce.

WomenWork: Sodexo UK and Ireland’s Gender Employee Network aims to foster a culture of inclusiveness by enhancing gender balance.

Origins: The aim of this network is to promote inclusivity and cohesion amongst our employees by celebrating everyone’s cultures, heritage and beliefs, and to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Generations: This network aims to raise awareness and educate our employees about generational differences and highlight the impact these can have in colleague, client and customer interactions as well as in our personal lives.

Pride: This network aims to increase awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender agenda and issues that LGBT individuals can face in the workplace.