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Barney Smyth

Improving lives through Fairtrade coffee

This blog was created by Barney Smyth, partnership manager at Fairtrade Foundation. In the second week of Fairtrade Fortnight,... Read more.

Coffee growers in Peru

Fairtrade Fortnight – Introducing our Coffee Growers Fund

Introducing Sodexo’s Coffee Growers Fund – working with the Fairtrade Foundation towards empowering women coffee growers O... Read more.

Aspretto Fairtrade Peru Sodexo

Fairtrade Fortnight – standing up for farmers

This Fairtrade Fortnight we at Sodexo are playing host to Franceska Salazar Hilacondo, a Peruvian coffee farmer, who is visiti... Read more.

Sustainable Coffee Farming Aspretto Fairtrade Sodexo

Sustainable coffee farming, securing farming and coffee for future generations

A key challenge for coffee farming communities in Peru is a lack of technical knowledge. This means that often farmers struggl... Read more.

Aspretto Peru Coffee Farm Fairtrade Sodexo

How buying Aspretto coffee helps improve the lives of women and their families in Peru

As I have stated in my previous blogs, Fairtrade plays a vital role in providing security to coffee producers, by ensuring the... Read more.

La Florida Co-operative Peru Aspretto Fairtrade

Why we partner with Fairtrade to pay farmers a fair price for their coffee beans

Aspretto coffee is Fairtrade. I am very proud that Sodexo supports Fairtrade through Aspretto coffee but what does this really... Read more.