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Anousheh Ansari

Quality of Life Conference – advancing shared goals

Collaboration in space has contributed to bringing about positive solutions to existing problems on earth.

... Read more.
Sam Scott, Client Relationship Director, Sodexo Corporate Services.

How do workplace trends impact the automotive sector?

I’m currently working with several clients in the automotive sector and read the trend focused on ‘unlocking the potential... Read more.

Andrew Wilkinson, Strategy and Marketing Director, Sodexo Corporate Services.

Understanding the changing shape of the workplace

We recently published our Global Workplace Trends Report for 2017 to help our partners familiarise themselves with some of the... Read more.

Andrew Wilkinson, Strategy and Marketing Director, Sodexo Corporate Services.

Workplace Week got me thinking

It’s Workplace Week this week in the UK. There’s a great programme of activity on offer that provides excellent opportunit... Read more.

WasteLESS week colchester

A team effort to be WasteLESS

Our 500+ employees at Colchester Garrison PFI embraced WasteLESS week last year with unrivalled enthusiasm. At Colchester Garr... Read more.

Have a safe day, Sodexo health and safety

Embedding a safety culture, a global performance

Our Health Safety and Environment Director, Chris Dark, has written the following article for SHP online about how we are embe... Read more.

Xenex: How Sodexo is innovating to improve patient experience

As a company that offers what could be seen on the face of it as quite basic services – cleaning, portering, catering, recep... Read more.

Edwina Hughes, Corporate Responsibility Manager for Sodexo UK & Ireland

Being a responsible company this responsible business week

18th – 22nd April is responsible business week and to mark it we are launching our corporate responsibility report and shari... Read more.

Student Board of Directors Sodexo

Sodexo Student Board of Directors

Last week we launched our new Student Board of Directors project. As a leading supplier of catering and accommodation services... Read more.