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Cleaning up a reputation

Lauren Kyle, head of cleaning at Sodexo, believes the industry needs to ‘clean up’ its reputation and come into th... Read more.

Lauren Kyle Head of Cleaning Sodexo

Supporting small and medium sized cleaning companies

It was interesting to discuss how small and medium sized businesses can work effectively with global FM providers.

... Read more.

Xenex: How Sodexo is innovating to improve patient experience

As a company that offers what could be seen on the face of it as quite basic services – cleaning, portering, catering, recep... Read more.

CRS In Action Presentation

A positive partnership; the Hope Centre, CCEP & Sodexo

From that point on we have tried to employ as many suitable candidates from the Hope Centre as possible. It gives them the opp... Read more.

Lauren Kyle Head of Cleaning Sodexo

Improving recognition, training, career development & working conditions for the cleaning industry

I was asked last year by the Business Services Association to take on the chair of their Cleaning Committee. The Cleaning Comm... Read more.

Ann Rutter with her 2014 awards

Professionalising the cleaning industry

Last month Sodexo was one of 16 companies to make a number of commitments to promote the professionalisation of the contract c... Read more.