13 Nov 2017
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Anousheh Ansari

Quality of Life Conference – advancing shared goals

This blog was created by Margot Slattery, Country President, Sodexo Ireland.

Back in July Sodexo, along with Catalyst Europe, welcomed over 100 friends, colleagues and peers to our Disrupt the Default for Women in Tech event at Bord Bia’s Thinking House in Dublin. It was a great day with some positive discussions, and I was proud of the role Sodexo could play in putting on the event – and delighted so many could attend!

I was reminded of Disrupt the Default while at the Sodexo Quality of Life Conference in October. The Quality of Life Conference was another touchpoint that allowed people to come together and collaborate on advancing shared goals.

The Quality of Life Conference in London welcomed 500 international leaders – from private and public organisations, universities, think tanks, public authorities, civil society, NGOs and the media. There were some fantastic speakers who gave some inspirational accounts of their personal journeys and how they are embracing tomorrow’s needs; it highlighted the desire to find solutions that impact the quality of life for every generation and in every corner of the world.

I wanted to bring to your attention a speaker who really raised the roof and whose values reflected the spirit of our Disrupt the Default workshop earlier this year. Anousheh Ansari is co-founder and Chairman of Prodea Systems, Inc.. On September 18, 2006, she became the first female Muslim in space, the first Iranian-born person in space, and the first female space tourist.
Watch her speech here.

Collaboration in space has contributed to bringing about positive solutions to existing problems on earth. There is no “typical” workplace environment – something that we can all relate to – and Anousheh spoke about the need for flexible workplace solutions; regardless of the environment, workers still need to feel valued and connected, and wellbeing and a sense of purpose are key to that. Read more here.

At Sodexo we continue to explore how we can optimise the workplaces we manage to drive ease and efficiency, engagement and performance, regardless of where they are.


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  1. True. But some senior area managers need to recognise the hardships of remote site operations and the quality of with a 3 month 1 month rotation. The depression that comes with it. Especially in Africa.


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