31 Mar 2015
Icon - Social Interaction
The four current generations in the workplace

It’s not new, is it? Why are we looking at generations in the workplace?

Someone once said to me something very telling about the subject of Generations. “It’s not new is it? People of all ages have been working alongside each other forever”. That’s clearly true. The pyramids were most probably built with some form of cross-generational team working. So why the sudden interest and focus on Generations in […]

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27 Mar 2015
Icon - Ease and Efficiency

Earth Hour, Sodexo and WWF

WWF has been working globally with Sodexo since 2013 to reduce the impacts of Sodexo’s business on the environment. In the UK, Sodexo is partnering with WWF on its Livewell for Life project, with the objective of reducing the environmental impact of the meals the company serves by creating healthier and more sustainable menu choices.

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16 Mar 2015
Icon - Health and Wellbeing
Salt shaker

National Salt Awareness Week

This week is National Salt Awareness Week which is organised by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), chaired by Professor MacGregor and his team. The week is run on an annual basis with the aim of raising awareness of the harmful effects of a high salt diet, and promoting more direct action on salt from the food industry and government.

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11 Feb 2015
Icon - Recognition
Ann Rutter with her 2014 awards

Professionalising the cleaning industry

Last month Sodexo was one of 16 companies to make a number of commitments to promote the professionalisation of the contract cleaning industry under the Business Services Association’s Responsible Cleaner Scheme (RCS). Making these pledges was a natural step for Sodexo because we’re already all about people and recognised as a people business. We have […]

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05 Feb 2015
Icon - Physical Environment
Sodexo cleaning

Reducing cleaning costs may have some unwanted consequences

Like most other services, labour is the biggest overhead in contract cleaning, so once you’ve tweaked around the edges – like replacing desk bins with central bins and substituting ready-to-use chemicals for concentrated ones to be diluted on site – you’re left with reducing headcount.

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28 Jan 2015
Icon - Health and Wellbeing
Sodexo rehabilitation workshop

Why good prison food matters ….

Serving a prison sentence has traditionally been known as doing “Porridge”, hence the 70s’ TV show. “Porridge” referred to the traditional, uninspiring prison breakfast and I guess, a wider diet that was less than appealing. But has prison food moved on since the 70s? And does decent prison food matter?

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