12 Oct 2015
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Wasteless Week Waste Reduction Education Sodexo

Everyone has a part to play in reducing waste

Today marks the beginning our annual global WasteLESS Week where our teams across the UK and Ireland promote ways we can all reduce waste.

With 7.2 million tonnes of food thrown away every year, Emanuel School in London is striving to beat their achievement last year by encouraging pupils and staff to take only what they can eat at mealtimes. Last year they saw food waste reduce by 43%. Follow their Twitter feed to see how they are doing this year!

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07 Oct 2015
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La Florida Co-operative Peru Aspretto Fairtrade

Why we partner with Fairtrade to pay farmers a fair price for their coffee beans

Aspretto coffee is Fairtrade. I am very proud that Sodexo supports Fairtrade through Aspretto coffee but what does this really mean?
The Fairtrade Foundation fixes the minimum price paid to a coffee co-operative for 1 U.S. pound (weight) of coffee beans to a guaranteed $1.40. This is 30% more than the current market rate which can fluctuate greatly. Fairtrade standards for coffee act as a safety net against the unpredictable market. They provide security to coffee producers who know that they will get a price that covers their average costs of sustainable production.

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01 Oct 2015
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An Opening your mind to the Xtra10 event

Companies need to think about the ageing workforce and intergenerational working

Today, on Older People’s Day, I attended the ‘Opening your mind to the Xtra10 event’, a workshop hosted by The Age of No Retirement. Designed and co-hosted with Barclays the aim of the workshop was to explore with other companies what a multigenerational strategy actually means in practice and what work needs to be done […]

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30 Sep 2015
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Kim Reeves, Retail Category Manager Hot Beverages for Sodexo in Peru

Shedding light on ‘deepest, darkest’ Peru

When you think of Peru, you might call to mind Paddington Bear, Machu Picchu or even panpipes, but you might not necessarily think coffee. But Peru is the source of the beans that Sodexo buys for Aspretto. In August 2015 I travelled to the north of Peru with our coffee supplier, UCC and representatives from the Fairtrade foundation to trace the journey of our coffee beans back to their source and to meet the farmers who produce it.

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25 Sep 2015
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Sodexo Long Service Awards Bateaux

Recognising long service

Every autumn we gather all those employees who have served the company for more than 20 years together in a celebration of their long service. This year is no exception. Yesterday (24 September) 170 long service recipients travelled to London to have their service recognised, the majority were celebrating 20 years but there was also a […]

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18 Sep 2015
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Wasteless Week Sodexo

Why WasteLESS Week?

Next month Sodexo employees across the globe will be taking part in WasteLESS Week, an annual scheme to encourage efficiency.
Based on where they can make the biggest impact on quality of life for clients and customers, Sodexo teams in the UK and Ireland will look to drive down things like food waste or energy use where they operate from 12 to 18 October.

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11 Sep 2015
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SSAFA’s Big Brew Up tent, Veteran’s Village at National Armed Forces Day

Tea good enough for war heroes and the Prime Minister, all in support of our Armed Forces

One of the elements of my role which fills me with pride is the work Sodexo does with military charity SSAFA, the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association. SSAFA provides lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving, or ever has served, in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force and their families.

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04 Sep 2015
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Sean Haley and Kat Barnes

Reigning young champ looks forward to Salon Culinaire

Our Salon Culinaire is one of the most exciting culinary events in Sodexo’s annual programme. And it’s fast approaching. Attracting nearly 1,000 employees competing in a range of competitions, initial salons will be held in Ireland and Scotland before the marquee event takes place at Ascot Racecourse in mid-October. Sodexo’s Salon Culinaire is the biggest […]

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27 Aug 2015
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Awesome Networks 2015 Sodexo Generations

‘Awesome Networks’ = awesome people

Sodexo’s ‘Generations’ Network was this week recognised in the 2015 list of ‘Awesome Networks’, an initiative from Inclusive Networks, an organisation which aims to bring networks of all diversity strands together to learn, share and collaborate. Inclusive Networks has created its ‘Awesome Networks’ list in order to celebrate the positive impact that network groups of all types and from all sectors have. It includes networks from organisations as diverse as charities, universities, police forces and high street banks.

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