04 Jan 2016
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Leanpath Waste Reduction Sodexo WRAP

Waste Not, Want Not – How Sodexo is working towards reducing food waste

Food waste is a huge issue for the foodservice sector. WRAP estimates the UK hospitality and foodservice industry wastes 925,000 tonnes of food a year, the equivalent to one in six meals served, and that 18% of food purchased in the sector is thrown away. As an industry we need to drive much greater awareness of this issue and to look at new ways of working that can help start to tackle it.

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01 Dec 2015
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Sodexo, Ocado & Hubbub colaborate on working prisons sustainable and rehabilitation project

I’m often asked what Quality of Life means to Justice Services and for me one of the best examples is our Working Prisons initiative at HMP Northumberland – our commitment to help prisoners change their lives for the better by providing them with meaningful activity while they serve their sentences and the skills to improve their chances of employment when they leave.

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27 Nov 2015
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Tom & Lewis Hamblet Sodexo Salon Culinaire

The master and the apprentice, two generations of culinary talent at Sodexo’s Salon

This year Sodexo’s Salon Culinaire took place at Ascot Racecourse on 21 October, serving up an exciting day of culinary expertise.
Fast becoming one of the largest events of its kind in the UK, this year’s Salon Culinaire saw live cooking competitions with over 900 Sodexo colleagues competing and demonstrating why Sodexo has a culinary heritage to be proud of.

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17 Nov 2015
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Green and Lean Sustainable meals Sodexo WWF

WWF praise Sodexo’s Green & Lean sustainable meals

Recent newspaper headlines about the dangers of sugar and the link between processed meats and cancer have brought food, and the way we consume it, into sharp focus.
A typical Western diet high in animal protein and heavily processed foods can have damaging consequences both for our own health and for the environment.

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12 Nov 2015
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Supply chain – breaking down barriers between big and small

At Sodexo we pride ourselves on our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This does not just apply to our people it also applies to our supply chain and after having successfully participated in programmes such as the EU-funded Access 6 programme last year, we took the decision to create our own.

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09 Nov 2015
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Martin Boden, divisional director key markets, Corporate Services

Making the connection: building a stronger sense of community in the workplace

The rate of change in the workplace is now faster than ever and it’s not just the physical environment that’s changing but, perhaps more importantly, the way that people interact with it. Organisations want services that make a real impact on employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing and truly connect to their strategies. The demand for more engaging workplaces is leading to constant advances in the physical environment, but it is also driving the need for more understanding about the human imprint on workplace design.

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