09 May 2016
Icon - Health and Wellbeing
Sophie Austin Student Experience Manager

How we help to improve health, nutrition & the student experience in universities

If someone asks you whether you are happy with your Quality of Life, you might have an instant ‘gut reaction’ of an answer. However, as soon as you start trying to unpack the concept further, you realise that it’s quite a difficult metric to quantify.

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22 Apr 2016
Icon - Personal Growth
Andrew Shakman, Co-founder and CEO, LeanPath

Getting Smart about Food Waste: The Sodexo and LeanPath Partnership

In the foodservice industry, food waste has historically been a blind spot for many operations, with little to no data to illuminate it. But that story is now changing in a significant way. More than ever before, food waste is in the spotlight, and organizations like Sodexo are paving the path for smarter utilization of these important resources.

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