30 Sep 2016
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Salon judges with Derry Clarke

A celebration of people. And food.

This post has been created by craft director David Mulcahy. People and food. Two of the most important things in the world? Certainly, two of the most important things in Sodexo. Nowhere is this more obvious than with our annual Salon Culinaire programme. In two weeks’ time more than 2,000 people – employees, suppliers, clients and well-wishers […]

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20 Jul 2016
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Lloyd Walker

Sodexo top chef’s London food trend tips

The latest high street food trends are making their way ever more quickly into the foodservice industry. Last week, Sodexo took a group of chefs on a food trends tour of London as part of its innovation day, run in partnership with supplier Lockhart. Among them was Sodexo Chef of the Year Lloyd Walker, who’s responsible for a team of […]

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06 Jul 2016
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Xenex: How Sodexo is innovating to improve patient experience

As a company that offers what could be seen on the face of it as quite basic services – cleaning, portering, catering, reception – it is important for us to ensure we continue to evolve and innovate in the delivery of these services and in doing so, live up to our mission of improving quality of life.

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