10 Nov 2017
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Living Wage Week, mother & son

Living Wage – First Hand

Since 2015 Sodexo has been formally recognised as a service provider working with the Living Wage Foundation. We provide the living wage in all our head offices and where we can, submit a Living Wage alternative in all our bids. We encourage our existing clients to also take the Living Wage as we know how much difference it can make.

Tanika Gunby joined Sodexo four months ago as a helpdesk operator and her salary immediately reflected the Living Wage.

Tanika commented;

“The additional income that comes with the Living Wage has been a great help. Not only has it allowed me to start to build some savings, it relieves the pressure of having to choose one thing over another. I have nine-year old boy, so the extra money has allowed us to have days out as well as carry out some home improvements which we would have had to delay in order to save for.”

Kelsey Rangeley has worked as a helpdesk operator in Leeds for almost four years. Following the birth of her first child two years ago, Kelsey reduced her hours to take care of him.  She has since had a second child and is currently planning her wedding.

The Living Wage was introduced at Sodexo’s Leeds office in September 2015 and this has boosted Kelsey’s pay. She said;

“Although I have reduced my hours, the fact that I am on a Living Wage means that that the drop in my overall pay is not so drastic. If I wasn’t on the Living Wage I wouldn’t have been able to work due to the nursery costs. It would have meant a choice between rent and bills or giving my child the best start in life – attending a nursery that helps him get off to a good start.”

Jodie Moon has been a helpdesk operator in Leeds for the past three years.  She has a son who has just started secondary school this year.

The additional money that the Living Wage brings in since it has been introduced to the Leeds office has allowed Jodie to open a savings account for her son.  Jodie said;

“As a single parent, there isn’t always a great deal of money left over once the bills have been paid. The Living Wage has allowed me to regularly pay into a savings account which my son can access when he is 21. It may not be much but it’s allowed me to help plan for his future financially.”



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