12 Oct 2015
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Everyone has a part to play in reducing waste

Today marks the beginning our annual global WasteLESS Week where our teams across the UK and Ireland promote ways we can all reduce waste.

With 7.2 million tonnes of food thrown away every year, Emanuel School in London is striving to beat their achievement last year by encouraging pupils and staff to take only what they can eat at mealtimes. Last year they saw food waste reduce by 43%. Follow their Twitter feed to see how they are doing this year!

It’s not just about food waste – we all need to look at our daily habits and make a change, whether it’s turning the light out if you are not in a room, making sure electrical items are not left on standby, printing only when you need to and then double-sided, recycle and reuse as much as you can.

As the WasteLESS Week call to action is made to Sodexo employees this week, find out why this initiative is important to Sodexo from two our subject matter experts from a blog about the initiative last month.

For clients we have an effective waste management service which helps them achieve environmental targets and minimise costs.
Keep an eye on our blog this week for more on WasteLESS Week.

Wasteless Week Sodexo


3 thoughts on “Everyone has a part to play in reducing waste”

  1. Really important to remember that getting bigger portions of food isn’t a Bargain or a bonus – it either means more consumption and weight gain or simply more to waste.
    Learning to order the right portion size is really important – and helps minimise waste. We also have backyard chickens who do quite well from our kitchen leftovers.
    Thank you


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