17 Oct 2016
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WasteLESS week colchester

A team effort to be WasteLESS

This blog was created by Brett O’Neil, Building Technical Officer for Sodexo at Colchester Garrison PFI

Our 500+ employees at Colchester Garrison PFI embraced WasteLESS week last year with unrivalled enthusiasm. At Colchester Garrison we provide fully integrated facilities management services, providing everything from grounds maintenance to catering.

We challenged each department to come up with their own initiative for the week to save energy or reduce waste. We wanted to make a difference to as many people as possible; our own team members, our client, our daily customers and the wider military community, with whom we work alongside every day. We felt that by getting all the different teams involved we stood the best chance of making a difference to all of these different stakeholder groups.

The initiatives our teams came up with were varied and hugely effective, some of our amazing results included:
• 44.77% reduction in vehicle idling time
• 20% reduction in paper usage
• 8.2% savings on wasted food at Costcutter stores
• 38.5% reduction in meals prepared by better communication
• 100% savings on out of date milk wastage

As well as these fantastic results, throughout the week we were also able to engage with our 500+ team members and 1,000 personnel per day through training, energy saving tips, posters and a quiz to encourage behavioural change for everyone.

A further fantastic initiative during last year’s WasteLESS week came from the team who worked with a local primary school. The team supported the school to recycle food waste in to fertiliser through their wormery. The fertiliser is then used by the school when growing plants and vegetables.

We were able to achieve some fantastic results during WasteLESS week last year and we have also adopted some of the initiatives we trialled during the week in the long term. These initiatives include the introduction of LeanPath to continue to aid in monitoring food waste, the on-going fleet focus on reduction in idling rates and improvement of driving technique. Our energy awareness poster and paper saving campaigns have continued throughout the year, to continue to encourage behavioural change.

Last year we were able to engage with our client via our Waste Forum and through the monthly energy, SHEF and utility meetings. We were also the first MOD site to gain ISO 50001 certification.

This year we hope to go even further, truly engaging with our military customers. Building an understanding of the objectives we are working towards. We were absolutely delighted to win first prize!

Find out more about Sodexo’s Waste Management services here.


3 thoughts on “A team effort to be WasteLESS”

  1. Sounds like some amazing initiatives
    Would your catering department consider looking at switching to wearing Chef jackets made from 65% recycled Plastic Bottles, 35% organic cotton as a green initiative. Standard look and feel chef jackets durable and fully washing machine safe.
    They wear and look just like any standard poly/cotton jacket
    Supplied by Continental Chef Supplies, part of Bunzl plc and a standard approved supplier to Sodexo anyway


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