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Sustainable Coffee Farming Aspretto Fairtrade Sodexo

Sustainable coffee farming, securing farming and coffee for future generations

A key challenge for coffee farming communities in Peru is a lack of technical knowledge. This means that often farmers struggl

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Two days until the biggest Sodexo Salon Culinaire Ever

After months of planning, there are just two days left until Sodexo’s largest ever Salon Culinaire, held at Ascot Racecourse

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Aspretto Peru Coffee Farm Fairtrade Sodexo

How buying Aspretto coffee helps improve the lives of women and their families in Peru

As I have stated in my previous blogs, Fairtrade plays a vital role in providing security to coffee producers, by ensuring the

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Wasteless Week Waste Reduction Education Sodexo

Everyone has a part to play in reducing waste

Today marks the beginning our annual global WasteLESS Week where our teams across the UK and Ireland promote ways we can all r

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La Florida Co-operative Peru Aspretto Fairtrade

Why we partner with Fairtrade to pay farmers a fair price for their coffee beans

Aspretto coffee is Fairtrade. I am very proud that Sodexo supports Fairtrade through Aspretto coffee but what does this really

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An Opening your mind to the Xtra10 event

Companies need to think about the ageing workforce and intergenerational working

Today, on Older People’s Day, I attended the ‘Opening your mind to the Xtra10 event’, a workshop hosted by The Age o

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