06 Jul 2018
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Richard Dingley of BAE and Sam Scott

What being an ally for Pride is about

This post was written by Sam Scott,  divisional managing director for Corporate Services and ally.

IDAHOBIT (Alliance For Solidarity) back in May, was a really important day for me on several different levels. I have been in Sodexo for 5 years, and whilst I have been aware of the PRIDE employee network and agenda, I never felt I needed to be involved. I consider myself a liberal thinker and have tried to treat everyone I connect/work with equally but through a personal experience with a close family member it hit me, it is not my perspective that counts, it’s other’s perspective of any given situation what matters.

IDAHOBIT is an opportunity to step back from our busy schedules and embrace our differences. When we do that we become stronger as organisations. This shared human connection is so important and it cuts across all of an organisations, employees, customers and service providers alike.

I have worked with BAE Systems providing FM services across a range of their different businesses and I was pleased to be able get involved with BAE Systems on IDAHOBIT celebrations, a collaboration driven by our LGBT networks (Sodexo Pride and OutLinkUK  BAE System LGBT network) who connected via LinkedIn to share best practice on how we can improve the quality of life for our employees and customers. Partnerships like this promote awareness, leads to knowledge and better informed colleagues, which helps to builds a culture where everyone can shine. I think Sodexo is different to our competitors, because of the environments we create where we can attract and retain the best talent that will support our success and growth in the future. In the photo you can see me and Richard Dingley who is Director of the Government Business Unit, Applied Intelligence, BAE Systems who is also senior sponsor for OutLinkUK  BAE System LGBT network.

If like me you are aware of Sodexo PRIDE but haven’t yet joined or engaged,  join the network and read the communications to better understand others experiences!



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