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Nia, Samantha, Sharon and Nicky

LGBT+ in Facilities Management podcast

Pride network co-chair Nia Jordan is joined by Sharon Slinger from Constructing Rainbows, Nicky Siddall-Collier from ISS and S... Read more.

Depressed man holding his head

LGBT History Month – An Ally’s View

So, why am I an Ally? There’s the shiny sparkly version of the truth; I have had some of the most fun times, the deepest rel... Read more.

The Enigma Cipher Coding Machine from World War II which Alan Turing helped to decipher

LGBT History Month – Nia Remembers Alan Turing

I recently watched a movie that had an unexpected profound effect on me.

The Imitation Game is loosely based on the sto... Read more.

Pride Flag Sodexo Employee Network

LGBT History Month – George’s story

Growing up in South Africa in the 80’s and 90’s, you would never talk about being gay, or believing in racial equality….... Read more.

Rainbow coloured Happy Stick people

LGBT History Month – What Bisexuals Are Not

According to popular opinion I am greedy and indecisive; I also cannot be faithful and will grow out of it soon.
So let... Read more.

Red heart in child kid and mother hands on old blue wooden table, representing love from parent to child

LGBT History Month, how have things changed?

It’s that time of the year, LGBT History month and whether you’re part of the LGBT community or not, the fight for equalit... Read more.

picture of labels referring to how people are labelled for all kinds of things including their sexuality

Celebrating LGBT History Month – Glenn’s story

I am 40 years of age and I “came out” at the age of 33. Why so late on in life? I hear you ask yourself. Well growing up a... Read more.

Bi Sexual Pride Flag, employee network

What does the B in LGBT stand for?

The B in LGBT stands for ‘bisexual’, which means someone who is romantically or sexually attracted to both men and women.<... Read more.