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A Day in the life of Fiona Stewart – Contract Director, Northumbria University

Ever wondered what goes on in the day to day operations of managing a Facilities Management (FM) contract? Fiona Stewart, Cont... Read more.

Sodexo brings disability into the spotlight

Sodexo has today hosted its first UK conference on disability in the workplace. The event, called Open Your Mind: Driving Disa... Read more.

View of South Pier, South Shields, looking towards North Shields, Tyne and Wear, England, UK

Recognition from Westminster

Recognition is part and parcel of life at Sodexo, but to receive a letter of thanks from a cabinet minister for improving stud... Read more.

Keely Marks the author of blog post about Epilepsy

Epilepsy Awareness Day 26th March – Keely’s story

25th May 2015 – A day I will never forget.

After many scans, tests and hospital admittances I was then diagnosed with... Read more.

Movember men's health

Men & Health: Why we need to talk

On Sunday 19th November, it is International Men’s Day, inaugurated in 1992 with a focus on improving gender relations, prom... Read more.

Steve & Heru Sodexo Employees

LGBT inclusion: Open conversations

To celebrate National Coming Out day I met with Steve and Heru, who are both Sodexo employees at Unilever Leatherhead, and a h... Read more.

Connect for inclusion National Inclusion week

Connecting people through food from around the world: Sodexo partner with Santander for National Inclusion Week

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Santander to help celebrate National Inclusion Week this week (starting fro... Read more.

Inclusion week podcast

National Inclusion Week 2017 podcast

To celebrate National Inclusion Week diversity and inclusion advisor Karen Govier (pictured right) talks to two colleagues in... Read more.

Jordan Powell and Nia Jordan

I’m just me: bisexuality awareness

I was raised in an environment that was open and honest, having a gay mum felt no different to me than any of my other friends... Read more.