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Sodexo childcare vouchers

Five ways to entertain children over the summer using childcare vouchers

The summer holidays are upon us and that brings up one big issue for a lot of people; 6 weeks of childcare to organise.

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Dr Macht

Fatherhood and Love

Studies show that fathers are spending more time with their children than three decades ago. However fathers are feeling stuck... Read more.

Mike Dyer Sodexo Phased Retirement

A staged approach to retirement

Mike Dyer started his career with Sodexo more than 20 years ago as business operations director in Sodexo Healthcare. Since 20... Read more.

Gemma and Jonathan Kirkman IS&T Sodexo

A Sodexo love story for Father’s Day

On June 18th many people across the country celebrated Father’s Day, recognising the importance of fatherhood, paternal bond... Read more.

Luke Lofthouse - Helpdesk Sodexo

How can we keep Gen Y talent in the business when all they want to do is explore the world?

A common perception about people from generation Y is that they have wanderlust and can’t stick to one job or company for an... Read more.

Silver Sunday Elderly volunteering

Silver Sunday, Golden Opportunities

Sunday 2 October was Silver Sunday, an annual day of fun and free activities for older people across the UK. Started in 2012,... Read more.

Susan McNeill, Quality & Compliance Manager

Back to school after the summer

The obligatory photo on day one of school against the house/garage door has been taken and this year is the first year that my... Read more.

Susan McNeill, Quality & Compliance Manager

Summer holidays & vlogging: Susan explores the definition of cool

Susan McNeill blogs about her summer holiday plans with her teenagers and considers the concepts of anime, vlogging and the de... Read more.

Susan McNeill, Quality & Compliance Manager

Work-life balance: Susan on Radio 4, aerial yoga & deleting emails

Sue debates work-life balance recommendations from the point of view of her generation.

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