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Sodexo brings disability into the spotlight

Sodexo has today hosted its first UK conference on disability in the workplace. The event, called Open Your Mind: Driving Disa... Read more.

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Recognition from Westminster

Recognition is part and parcel of life at Sodexo, but to receive a letter of thanks from a cabinet minister for improving stud... Read more.

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Closing the disability gap

In the UK 16% of working age adults report having a disability. While 80.6% of people without disabilities are employed, the f... Read more.

Keely Marks the author of blog post about Epilepsy

Epilepsy Awareness Day 26th March – Keely’s story

25th May 2015 – A day I will never forget.

After many scans, tests and hospital admittances I was then diagnosed with... Read more.

Owen and Emma

Adapting to life with type 1 Diabetes

When I was asked write a blog about my experience of my son having type 1 Diabetes as part of international day for disabled p... Read more.

Black History Month & world mental health day

Black history month & world mental health day

October 2017 is the 30th anniversary of Black History Month in the UK.  It is a month long celebration of the achievements of... Read more.

Doncaster Deaf Trust Sodexo Catering Team

Multiple complex needs met by dedicated team

Mealtimes can be stressful for those with complex needs and communication difficulties but my team rise daily to the challenge... Read more.

Paul Anstey CEO Education Sodexo

Disability Innovation Summit

This week Sodexo has the pleasure of participating in the Disability Innovation Summit, an event held at the Queen Elizabeth O... Read more.

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Beth Fletcher podcast

Photographer Beth Fletcher discovered her son Charlie had autism at a young age. In this podcast Beth shares her inspirational... Read more.