26 Jun 2017
Icon - Health and Wellbeing
Mike Dyer Sodexo Phased Retirement

A staged approach to retirement

Mike Dyer started his career with Sodexo more than 20 years ago as business operations director in Sodexo Healthcare. Since 2015 he has taken on a new role that has allowed him to reduce his hours to three days per week, providing him with an opportunity to pursue interests outside of work as he ultimately prepares for retirement.

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14 Jun 2017
Icon - Personal Growth
Will Serle, Allyson Zimmerman, Susan Elston, Colette Cohen, Greta Lydecker

Energy and Resources address Gender Balance

On 30 May 2017, the Energy & Resources team in Aberdeen hosted a networking event to promote the benefits of greater gender balance in the oil and gas industry. More than 60 delegates from across the industry were welcomed to the breakfast event by Sodexo senior VP for UK offshore and marine business Susan Elston, a key member of Sodexo Women’s International Forum for talent (SWIFt).

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13 Jun 2017
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Fiona Morden

Fiona Morden podcast

Diversity and inclusion consultant Fiona Morden has 25 years’ experience working with both the private and public sectors, in people and operational management, and organisational change. When Fiona came in to run a workshop on gender intelligence for Women Work, network co-chair Alistair Drummond took the opportunity to talk to Fiona about gender intelligence and […]

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19 May 2017
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Kym Lawrence Sign Language Session

3 top tips to support your colleagues this Deaf Awareness Week

As this week is Deaf Awareness Week I invited my colleagues to a sign language session and have been using some basic British Sign Language to communicate with my colleagues at work every day this week.

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18 May 2017
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Annie Zaidi

Inclusion conference 2017 highlights podcast

Sodexo’s very first inclusion conference was held on 4 May. More than 250 people gathered at Everton Football Club to meet and listen to a range of speakers from inside and outside Sodexo. In this podcast, a panel led by Women Work co-chair Alistair Drummond talk about their impressions of the day and select their favourite clips. […]

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