23 Feb 2018
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The Enigma Cipher Coding Machine from World War II which Alan Turing helped to decipher

LGBT History Month – Nia Remembers Alan Turing

I recently watched a movie that had an unexpected profound effect on me.

The Imitation Game is loosely based on the story of Alan Turing who was responsible for decrypting German intelligence codes for the British government during the Second World War. It is believed that because of his work he contributed to Great Britain winning the war.

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15 Feb 2018
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Rainbow coloured Happy Stick people

LGBT History Month – What Bisexuals Are Not

According to popular opinion I am greedy and indecisive; I also cannot be faithful and will grow out of it soon.
So let’s tackle this one by one. Bisexuals are not greedy; we feel attractions to both men and women. That doesn’t mean that we are attracted to ALL men and ALL women. As we become more aware of our society and the different identifiers there are many who have previously identified as bisexual who are moving towards pansexual.

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29 Jan 2018
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Omy Lawal and Anne Pierce

Anne Pierce podcast

Anne Pierce has been the chief executive of Springboard UK for the last 20 years, supporting people of all ages get a career in the hospitality industry. In this in-depth interview, Anne talks about her incredible career journey and the work of Springboard. From her first role in hospitality to getting a big promotion in […]

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