15 Feb 2018
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LGBT History Month – What Bisexuals Are Not

According to popular opinion I am greedy and indecisive; I also cannot be faithful and will grow out of it soon.
So let’s tackle this one by one. Bisexuals are not greedy; we feel attractions to both men and women. That doesn’t mean that we are attracted to ALL men and ALL women. As we become more aware of our society and the different identifiers there are many who have previously identified as bisexual who are moving towards pansexual.

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08 Nov 2017
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Lucy Bronze

Lucy Bronze podcast

At 26 Lucy Bronze has already achieved so much in her football career. This year she’s reached the semi-final of a second consecutive international tournament with England, scored a goal and won an FA Cup Final at Wembley and scooped her second PFA Players’ Player of the Year award in association with Sodexo. In September Lucy signed for Olympique […]

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31 Oct 2017
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Jane Farrell

Jane Farrell speaker series podcast

This summer Jane Farrell became the first female chair of the International Professional Security Association in its 59-year history. In the same week, Jane was also promoted to head of security for Sodexo UK & Ireland. In this interview Women Work committee member Jane talks about her 35-year career with Sodexo and the work she’s […]

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