23 Mar 2018
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Keely Marks the author of blog post about Epilepsy

Epilepsy Awareness Day 26th March – Keely’s story

25th May 2015 – A day I will never forget.

After many scans, tests and hospital admittances I was then diagnosed with epilepsy.

I remember the numbness I felt; being in denial for a long time it became true, I felt useless everything running through my head of what I now couldn’t do. I couldn’t drive, I can’t live a ‘normal’ life, who’s going to want me? I’m just a burden to everyone I know, they’ll all be on edge if they’re with me. I couldn’t now pursue my career of then being accepted into the army to start training as a front-line

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16 Mar 2018
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WIFM event selfie

Women in Engineering podcast

This post was created by Sodexo executive assistant and deputy chair of the Women in FM special interest group Bianca Angelico. Last week on International Women’s Day, BIFM Women in FM and the London region put on an event, held at our Holborn office, focused on Women in Engineering. International Women’s day is observed annually […]

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08 Mar 2018
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Making Every Day International Women’s Day

This post was written by James Taylor, CEO Sodexo Heathcare UK&I  “No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens” Michelle Obama Observed since the early 1900s, International Women’s day is recognised each year on March 8. It brings […]

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09 Mar 2018
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Lucy Lawrence, Sarah Kinrade, Liz Marlow

Sodexo working parents group podcast

Three Women Work members have launched a group to support Sodexo employees with parental responsibilities. Lucy Lawrence, Sarah Kinrade and Liz Marlow (pictured left to right) created a safe space in a private Facebook group for colleagues expecting to take, taking or returned to work from parental leave. Lucy, Sarah and Liz talk about how they came up […]

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02 Mar 2018
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Sophie Bellon and Alistair Drummond

Sophie Bellon podcast

Sophie Bellon took some time out of her visit to the Sodexo UK & Ireland region to talk to Women Work co-chair Alistair Drummond about her life and career. Sophie shares memories of her father Pierre founding Sodexo in 1966 and her determination early in her career to make her own way in business. Ahead of International Women’s […]

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23 Feb 2018
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The Enigma Cipher Coding Machine from World War II which Alan Turing helped to decipher

LGBT History Month – Nia Remembers Alan Turing

I recently watched a movie that had an unexpected profound effect on me.

The Imitation Game is loosely based on the story of Alan Turing who was responsible for decrypting German intelligence codes for the British government during the Second World War. It is believed that because of his work he contributed to Great Britain winning the war.

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