08 Mar 2014
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WomenWork Network

Happy International Women’s Day!

So here we are! International Women’s Day 2014 is upon us, and all next week there’s loads of things happening across the business, including (of course!) the Women Work Conference on Thursday. International Women’s Day is a global celebration of economic, political and social achievements past and present. On a personal level, I can see […]

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07 Feb 2014
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UCL – Sodexo’s new Education contract

UCL – Two Weeks and Counting

Thank goodness it’s Friday. And I mean it even more this week than ever. It’s been a tough one – having only 2 days off in the last 19, working to deadlines that seem to pop up out of nowhere and aiming at goalposts that are shifting by the hour. Just your average new mobilisation perhaps, but it’s been a lot of hard work and nothing feels average about it.

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14 Jan 2014
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New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year, Happy New Network

So the New Year has come and gone, and as with every other new year, it heralds the promise of a better, brighter, more successful one. We’re inundated with adverts for gym and health club special offers, weight loss programmes waiving their joining fee and a proliferation of products and services designed to help you be a “better” you. It’s that time of year when we try and make up for the indulgence of the silly season and get back to some sort of routine, desperately trying to shift those extra pounds/pay off debts/get in touch with long-lost friends/get that promotion/insert relevant resolution here.

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10 Dec 2013
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Happy employees at the Botanics in Edinburgh

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It is well documented that happiness is beneficial for business as well as for individuals. A happy workforce is more productive, more creative and more committed, with lower staff turnover and lower absence rates. Happiness is becoming an increasingly-valued factor in staff engagement – in fact, Hewlett-Packard even has a chief happiness officer. And – according to forbes.com – happier individuals get better work evaluations and higher pay.But in our increasingly-busy lives, true happiness is often elusive and with the plethora of theories and statistics out there, being “happy” sounds like quite a complicated thing to achieve…

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