01 Dec 2014
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This lovely tree went up near work the day after I got back from holiday!

Looking Back on 2014

I’m not sure where the year has gone (don’t we say that every year?) but, having just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South America, the explosion of Christmas and winter is more palpable than any I can remember. I set off on holiday in mid-October – still enjoying the mild London autumn and not totally having accepted that summer was well and truly over – and spent three amazing weeks in various Latin American hotspots from the Andes to the Amazon. It’s always difficult coming back to reality after visiting far-flung places, but landing at Heathrow on that dull afternoon, those three weeks away suddenly felt like they had been three months. It was colder and darker, the clocks had turned back and the newest celeb on the block was Monty the penguin.

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03 Jul 2014
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Simone Roche addresses the 2014 Women 1st Conference

Unlock Your Potential – The Women 1st Conference 2014

Today saw hundreds of women (and a few brave men) converge on the Marriott Hotel in London’s Grosvenor Square for the third annual Women 1st conference. The theme of the conference was ‘Unlock Your Potential’ and the itinerary included a mix of Q&A sessions, panel discussions, interactive workshops, networking opportunities and fabulous food (nourishing the body is just as important as nourishing the mind, of course).

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11 Jun 2014
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Sunday Times associate editor, Camilla Cavendish with Arianna Huffington

Time to thrive

As you might have gathered by now, I am something of serial attendee of networking events. I am inspired by the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals, to engage with those within or outside of my industry, and to take away at least one idea to try and use towards improving myself and to continue learning. So when the opportunity to attend a Q&A session with Arianna Huffington arose, I was quick off the mark to book my place.

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23 May 2014
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Times top 50 employers for Women

The Times Top 50

When you’re a man who stands over six feet four inches tall it’s fair to say there are a lot of things in life you take for granted.
Being able to see the stage at music festivals and walking home alone at night through Seven Sisters are just two benefits of height and gender to which I’ve given little thought.

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14 Mar 2014
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Work Life Balance

Women Work Conference 2014

Yesterday, Women Work members from across the UK and Ireland descended on the conference centre at Aston University in Birmingham for the annual Women Work conference. Coinciding with International Women’s Day last weekend, the theme for the conference was ‘Balance’ and there were a range of talks and workshops to give great tips on how to achieve a great work/life balance.

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