17 Dec 2015
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Dublin WW xmas event

Women Work Christmas

More than 100 Women Work members at seven locations across the UK and Ireland gathered in early December for a Christmas networking event. Glasgow, Stevenage, Dublin, Swindon, Leeds, Salford and London simultaneously hosted network members to bring in the festive season. After the customary safety moment, members at all seven locations took the opportunity to […]

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03 Dec 2015
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Disability Sodexo Employees Healthcare

Building a diverse workforce

Did you know that one in six people are thought to have a disability? Or that one in ten people in the workforce experience mental illness? To put that into perspective, for Sodexo UK & Ireland, that means we are potentially serving 170,000 customers with disabilities every day and have 3,400 employees who may experience mental illness.

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20 Nov 2015
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father-and-son Creative Commons Image from www.flickriver.com

The International Men’s Day debate

This week it was International Men’s Day (Thursday 19 November), a relatively new celebration with a focus on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality and highlighting positive male role models. Although these are worthy causes, IMD has been muddied by criticism that men don’t have the same barriers to their professional […]

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08 Oct 2015
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Podcast – Generations and the nutrition lifecycle

In this podcast Wan Mak, Sodexo nutritionist and George Prowse, Generations committee member are talking about Nutrition, and how our nutritional requirements change and evolve at different stages of life. If you have any ideas for content or interviews get in touch. You can email diversity.ukandire@sodexo.com with your thoughts.

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24 Sep 2015
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National Inclusion Week

Inclusion – are you bending yourself out of shape to fit in?

This week, 21-25 September, marks both national inclusion week and work-life balance week. These are two UK-wide campaigns encouraging and supporting organisations to be inclusive and help individuals find a balance between work and personal life.
As you would expect, inclusion is very important part of the work we do in the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team. It’s one of six workstreams in our UK & Ireland D&I strategy. But what does inclusion mean and why have a whole week dedicated to it?

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13 Jul 2015
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Sodexo Flexible Working

Flexibility crucial to business success

This post was created by Jane Bristow, managing director of Sodexo Education and Sodexo Women’s International Forum for talent member. The post was first published on the Opportunity Now blog. For too long now, flexible working has been seen by many employers as a luxury. A favour they grudgingly provide for employees, who in turn […]

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