07 Aug 2018
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Karen Pleva and her daughter Megan

Mum and daughter head to Pride in London

This blog was written by Karen Pleva, Global Head of Pharma & Life Sciences for Sodexo and proud LGBT ally

I found growing up in a big Irish family helped me to find my voice early and somewhat effortlessly as the law of the jungle prevails – and everyone wants the last slice of toast!   Megan as an only child in our little Pleva family found her voice too…..in a very delightful way.

From an early age, she was the girl with the very wide circles of friends – not for her, the “best friend forever” but the “many” friends forever.  So many people came through our door during her 18 years at home…it was like running a youth hostel.  When that expanded to include the many friends she made travelling in Africa, Asia and Sri-Lanka – the friendship group went global – and Megan always makes time for them.  Time is what matters.

Megan, Karen Pleva's daughter When she first shared that she was bi-sexual, and indeed had a girlfriend, it was, with hindsight, an extension of how Megan is – she just loves PEOPLE.  Bi-sexuality is less talked about and understood, and she has had to stand her ground with heterosexual friends, lesbian friends and gay friends alike,  who all had their own views.  One thing I learned from Megan was “no labels” please!

Roll on 4 years, she now has a boyfriend, Ben, they have shared so many great times and just like her – he loves PEOPLE.   Together they are amazing examples of how people should be, they love diversity, they live diversity and they are like magnets for fun, inclusivity and respect for other people’s opinions, life styles, race, sexual orientations…they also take the time to stand up for what matters when they meet people who are still learning…..!

Sharing an experience like London Pride was so special for us – she got to get her Mum out of her comfort zone – in terms of glitter and feathers, and big crowds anyway!!  And I got to experience being “out” with her.  And that meant being in the middle of the most incredible, joyful bunch of people ever – Megan probably glittered up at least 20 random people that day, from two little kids on the train, tourists who wanted to join in, a couple of football supporters and half of the Sodexo contingent.  It really represented the way life should be, everyone was caught up in it and enjoying simply “being” in their own way.  So nice to share with such a great team from Sodexo – we really appreciated being invited.

My daughter is my most precious person, and sharing pride in Pride just gave us another lovely shared experience and memory – definitely goes in the “forever” box.  We will be back for more next year.


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