27 Sep 2017
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Connect for inclusion National Inclusion week

Connecting people through food from around the world: Sodexo partner with Santander for National Inclusion Week

This blog post was created by Karen Govier, Diversity & Inclusion advisor for Sodexo UK & Ireland.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Santander to help celebrate National Inclusion Week this week (starting from 25 Sept 2017). This year’s theme is ‘Connect for Inclusion’. We will be showcasing a range of food dishes from around the world to bring people together.

At all Santander restaurants flags are being displayed throughout the week and each weekday food choices will be inspired by a different region of the world. From the Caribbean, to Eastern Asia, South America, Southern Asia and Europe, Santander employees and visitors can experience a range of foods from Jamaican curry pork with Johnny cakes, rice & peas through to traditional moussaka plus many others throughout the week.

Andrew Barratt, diversity & inclusion manager, Santander UK:

“We are delighted with the support from Sodexo to help bring to life National Inclusion Week across multiple Santander sites this year. We are looking forward to tasting the range of exciting menu dishes from different cultures and seeing the restaurants decorated with a variety of flags from various regions around the world”

On Wednesday we will also be bringing street food from a variety of regions from across the world to Santander’s larger sites.

Mark Wetherill, development chef, at Santander for Sodexo UK & I:

“It has been extremely exciting to work on this project, in partnership with Santander. As well as developing a wide variety of appetising and interesting food ideas, on Wednesday 27 September, during National Inclusion Week, Sodexo will also be utilising our street food gazebos to bring you the latest innovation in International street food, situated at most of the larger sites”

Hilary Friel, client relationship manager, Sodexo UK & Ireland corporate services:

“From a Sodexo perspective, we are delighted to work in partnership with one of our key clients, Santander, in support of National Inclusion Week 2017, and we intend to further our work in the D&I arena, as this is key importance to both organisations.”

If you are visiting a Santander restaurant this week please take photos and tweet @SodexoDandI with your thoughts using the #NIW2017 hashtag!



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