14 Sep 2016
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Susan McNeill, Quality & Compliance Manager

Back to school after the summer


This blog post was created by Susan McNeill, Global Quality & Compliance Manager for Sodexo UK & Ireland

Sixth form is non-uniform.  I can’t wait.  I believe there are rules about what “non-uniform” looks like and I believe that they have not been shared with me.   I think you would have to be an idiot to think that cropped tops and hot pants were going to be allowed.  The thing about uniform is that it is, by it’s nature, uniform, and it makes getting dressed in the morning really easy.  It was bad enough having to deal with The Hair and The Makeup Monday to Friday and now we have the choice of outfits too.  I can imagine that that will require an extra half hour for the first week until sense returns and jeans and a hoody becomes the new norm.The GCSE results came and went and the self-publicising tool of choice was instagram.  Due to the self-imposed social media ban (which still continues) we didn’t see many of the results and didn’t partake of the posting.  Now the real work starts for A Levels and I start getting a lot more scared as a parent about what the future holds.  I know it’s ridiculous to even say this, but I had no idea that my parents were stressing like mad about my exams when I was busy stressing like mad about the same.  I had no idea that they worried about my future and successes.  At the time, when I was 17 I sailed along oblivious.  How self-centered was I ?  I am also a lot more scared about exams and results on behalf of my son as his attitude to studying is, well, lets say, more fluid than I’d like.  If “fluid” meant lax.  Or limited.  Or non-existent. Or downright idle.

On holiday my daughter criticised every element of service in every restaurant we went to based upon her recent and on-going work experiences.  She can’t wait to get back to her part-time job and making 101 different types of coffee.  She made  a list of instructions for the coffee construction and laminated it to stick on the restaurant wall.  I laughed to myself and thought omg, truly she is my daughter.

The obligatory photo on day one of school against the house/garage door has been taken and this year is the first year that my son has overtaken my daughter in terms of height even with her big clumpy boots on.  I always said that this day would come, usually when she was beating him up in one way or another, and here we are. If good posture was added he really would tower over us all, but the inevitable don’t-care-slouch undermines his position as the alpha male.  He will learn.



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