About us

SoTogether is Sodexo UK and Ireland’s gender employee network which aims to foster a culture of inclusiveness by enhancing gender balance. The network organises regular events, podcasts, seminars and celebrates annually International Women’s Day. There is also a Facilitates Management (FM) sub-group which focuses on increasing the representation of women in FM roles.


Origins logo Sodexo

The aim of this network is to promote inclusivity and cohesion amongst our employees by celebrating everyone’s cultures, heritage and beliefs, and to ensure equal opportunities for all.


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This network aims to raise awareness and educate our employees about generational differences and highlight the impact these can have in colleague, client and customer interactions as well as in our personal lives. The network also looks at how to engage employees to understand and jointly find solutions to generation specific challenges.


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Pride global
This global network aims to increase awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender agenda and issues that LGBT individuals can face in the workplace.