Monthly Archives: May 2017

Celebrating World Cultural Diversity Day

On 21 May many people and organisations around the world celebrated UN World Day for Cultural Diversity which is focused on hi

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Kym Lawrence Sign Language Session

3 top tips to support your colleagues this Deaf Awareness Week

As this week is Deaf Awareness Week I invited my colleagues to a sign language session and have been using some basic British

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Annie Zaidi

Inclusion conference 2017 highlights podcast

Sodexo’s very first inclusion conference was held on 4 May. More than 250 people gathered at Everton Football Club to meet a

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IDAHOBiT family

IDAHOBiT, focusing on family

Isn’t there a saying ‘You can choose your friends but you cant choose your family’. Perhaps you can choose y

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health issues in the workplace

To mark Mental Health Awareness week we just wanted to share this great infographic from great(with)diversity.

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