21 Sep 2017
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Sodexo People instagram account

Why Sodexo People?

Our people are amazing, they just are, and we put people at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission and values are not just meaningless words; to us they are heartfelt statements which we live and breathe. Our employees, who through their commitment and dedication personify Sodexo’s unique values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress, are our greatest asset.

But don’t just take my word for it. Our @SodexoPeople instagram account showcases some of our lovely employees and their career stories. Follow the account to hear what it’s like to work for us directly from our employees, you can read the rest of the stories here on our blog too.

Follow our @SodexoPeople instagram account to stay up to date or search for #SodexoPeople on twitter, instagram or facebook to find out more.

If you know a colleague who has a fantastic story for @SodexoPeople  or would like to feature yourself, please get in touch at socialmedia.uk@sodexo.com

As one of the world’s largest employers we offer the scope, training and support you need to achieve your potential. We believe the more diverse we are, the stronger we are. We will do all we can to help each and every one of our employees thrive.

Find out more about careers with us on our website.


2 thoughts on “Why Sodexo People?”

  1. You will be a little surprised I’m sure to see that the message of equality preached by all at sodexo means nothing to a few individuals making life miserable and driving good people to depression whilst hiding behind the facade of unity and love thy neighbor mantra


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