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Developing for future success – National Apprenticeship Week 2019

This week is National Apprenticeship Week! Each day, we will be bringing you insights to celebrate apprentices across Sodexo U... Read more.

Variety is the spice of life at Sodexo

Mark Welshman, Audit and Compliance Manager for Sodexo’s contract with Transport for London (TfL), explains the interesting ... Read more.

Development Stories: I joined Sodexo for a job and found a career.

Here are two stories from employees who joined Sodexo looking for a job and found a career!

... Read more.

How Sodexo Supports Reservist Careers

Sodexo is committed to supporting every one of our employees who also serve in the Reserve Forces; an initiative that is being... Read more.

How Sodexo Supports my Career as a Military Spouse

I heard of Sodexo through my husband as he works in the Army. I currently work as a Retail Assistant in the Costcutter shop at... Read more.

Sodexo Chefs and Ex-Forces Employees

Ganiram Ghale currently works In the Junior Ranks’ Dining Room at Woolwich Barracks as a Senior Sous Chef. Ganiram serve... Read more.

Cyprus Defence Team Sodexo

Ever dreamed of working in a different country?

Now in my 8th year of employment, I was thrilled at the opportunity to develop my career in moving to Cyprus as the HRBP for S... Read more.

Medal Sodexo, chefs, awards, salon cullinare

Team Medals at Imphal Barracks

I met some very inspirational people when I visited York barracks recently and I don’t say that lightly! The service and ded... Read more.

Defence Recruitment Sodexo

Recruitment Insight – MOD Stafford

MOD Stafford is currently home to the 22 Signals and Tactical Supply Wing. By September they will be joined by 16 Signal Regim... Read more.