01 May 2018
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Providing quality of life within student living

This blog was written by Lisa Turner, House Manager for Student Living by Sodexo.

I currently manage New Bridge St Residence which is has 417 ensuite rooms, Glenemara House which has 311 rooms with shared bathroom and I also oversee the operational side of the Newcastle Business Clinic. I am the House Manager so I am responsible for the student welfare, disciplinary and the general running of the site, maintenance reporting, cleaning staffing etc. I have worked for Sodexo for just less than two years previously working for the University for 16 years.

I love my job because of the variation, every day is different and no two days are ever alike. You don’t know what you are going into. I do enjoy working for Sodexo, it is a big organisation, the structure is clear and our goals are very clear. The training is similar to what we received at the University but we have had a lot of different opportunities with Sodexo such as Mental Health First Aid training. The most challenging part of my role is student welfare and disciplinary issues which can be difficult but also rewarding.

If anybody is considering a similar career I would say wholeheartedly yes. I have three of my own previous residents now working for Student Living by Sodexo. It is a great career to be in, it is incredibly rewarding – We learn a lot from the students and they are hopefully learning a lot from us. It is a two way street and you don’t get that in many other careers.   We deal with all sorts from mental health issues, flat mate disputes and vulnerable students, we are here to help and support them through the University journey. It is also an exciting sector to be part of with so many changes and competition from other providers.

I was tuped over from the University and I can compare quite easily in regards the process, as I was tuped previously from another accommodation provider.  This experience was very different, it was much more organised, much more thought-out, the mobilisation was better but my experience between the two was that Sodexo gave a much better experience.

I would 100% recommend working in the University environment – We are dealing with human life and that is always going to be tricky. You can’t pigeonhole situations; you have to understand each situation on its own merit.

We have a great team that works for Student Living by Sodexo. Every day we deliver a quality of life service to our students. We try and do the best we can with their lives at the core of every decision that we take.

Recently, we have hired a new member of our team who is now in full time employment with us and it is great to see that Sodexo are willing to recruit students so they gain vital experience and training that will make them stand out in the future after they graduate.

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