04 Jul 2018
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My internship in South Africa

This post was written by Fatou Bah Bah, Team Leader, Sodexo Healthcare.

I joined Sodexo on the 23rd of March 2015 as a General Assistant, mainly working at the Costa Cafe. At that time, I had just started my university degree course in International Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care at Coventry University.

Working for Sodexo, gave me the opportunity to interact with a diverse team and to learn team management best practice. As I gained experience I was promoted to Team Leader. At Sodexo, we strive to enhance the patient and visitor experience, which is at the heart of Sodexo’s mission to improve the quality of life for those they serve. This gave me first-hand experience of key principles, that were key to my studies and that help me to be a more effective manager. Sodexo has supported me throughout my journey.

Firstly by offering flexible work patterns, which could worked around my demanding study schedule and developed my time management and organisational skills.

More recently, Sodexo supported me  to do an amazing, two months, internship in Cape Town, South Africa. During this time I worked with two non-profit organisations, Hope Foundation and Save Foundation where I helped to organise a programme to deliver educational opportunities, community development and effective medical health and advice to impoverished township and settlement communities in Cape Town. Families in these communities had previously survived by living on and scavenging from, city waste dumpsites – a terrible environment with no access to health care, education or opportunities to improve their lives.

Internship in South Africa

Over the last four years, the commitment and inexhaustible work of both Hope Foundation and Save Foundation, underpinned by generous donations and supportive volunteers, has helped to create a vibrant and optimistic community.

Words can’t do justice to describe my experience – My photos tell some more of the story… A big thank you to Sodexo for supporting me by giving me the time to do this internship. My communication skills have improved as a result of interacting with such a diverse group of people and I feel more confident in my role. I am pleased and thankful to be part of the Sodexo family.

Internship in South Africa

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