16 Aug 2016
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How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing a CV

CV writing tips from the Sodexo UK & Ireland resourcing team.

A CV is a marketing tool that you use to display your skills and experience gained in previous employment and/or education to help you get to the first step in a recruitment process, such as an interview!

Here are some tips to help you to avoid common CV writing mistakes. You only have 21-30 seconds to make an impression with your CV so it’s important that the key information is clear and not overshadowed by mistakes which are easy to avoid.

  1. Do not attach a photo to your CV unless the position specifically requests this
  2. Do not include salary information for either your current or previous roles
  3. Do not “undersell” yourself – be factual about your achievements
  4. Do not “oversell” yourself –you shouldn’t describe a particular skill as “excellent” when “good working knowledge” would be more accurate
  5. Do not leave unexplained gaps in your career history
  6. Do not provide references – these should be given after the initial interview. You could include a note saying “References available upon request” at the bottom if you have room
  7. Spelling and grammar errors – it is certainly worthwhile asking someone to proof read your CV
  8. Do not waste space with additional details of non-relevant academic or career information. If something is not relevant to the job in question just supply the bare facts

Did you know that your entire career history is not required? If you have several years of work history, or are looking to make a career change, not all of your previous roles or experience will be relevant to your chosen career. You should include relevant milestones and focus on the roles which are relevant.

  1. Do not include negative information, such as your reasons for leaving

Did you know that the majority of employers state that it makes no difference whether you mention your redundancy or not?

Keep an eye on our careers blog for more CV, cover letter & interview tips from the Sodexo UK & Ireland resourcing team. Take a look at our previous blogs on how to structure your CV and CV design and detail for a few more tips.

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