23 Aug 2016
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Employee Performance Appraisal – Tales of Success from our Employees

Performance reviews are fundamental to Sodexo’s people plan to manage, attract, develop and engage our employees across all parts of the business. Here are two stories from employees who work in our defence contracts about their experience of this review process and how it’s impacted their career with us so far:

Lauren’s story

I started in this company 13 year ago. I was 18 years old and I got short term contract, working as a kitchen porter. 

Not long after that I got permanent role, still within in kitchen, as an FSA. I got on well and became a supervisor, then moved to being cleaning supervisor. So I had progressed quite quickly, and my manager had identified me as someone who could do really well within the company. She suggested I go on the Aspire Business Programme.

It was a yearlong course and covered absolutely every aspect of business from leadership to managing budgets, even how to shake someone’s hand! There was a new session every month and numerous reports and assessments to do. I was about 20 at the time and hadn’t worked in an office environment, so it was a great experience.

Once I had finished the course, I applied for an area manager for cleaning role, and got it – I was so happy!

I had one main unit in Cardiff and 21 small units – so I did that for a year, then a services manager role came up in Chepstow (which was my old unit) and I came back.

That was nine years ago!

I have always been quite engaged with development programmes – if you have a plan then you know you are going, if not your development takes a back seat. 

My line manager was really engaged too – The EPA system was never lip service, it was always an important part of our development.

Reviewing and discussing the things that I had done in our meetings was great as it’s good feedback and plus my line manager would bring up things that I had forgotten that I had done throughout the year. If I didn’t have that and if my manager hadn’t been as engaged as she was, I don’t know where I would be.

I’ve now got 46 people in my team with four managers. I dip in to some of the teams EPAs to advise and support where I can. The form can be overwhelming, so the line managers support those people who might not find it easy to complete.

It’s often thought that some of our people in front line roles don’t want to progress, which I don’t think is true. Some people don’t want to move up, but everyone wants some sort of development, whether it’s a sideways change or more responsibility or recognition.

But apart from the individuals personal development, we as a business deliver a strategy, and we won’t get there unless everyone does their bit. The EPA system supports us all because it ties the delivery of that strategy to everyone’s objectives and that’s what needs to be explained to people.

Sodexo Defence Team

Sodexo Defence Team

Andy’s story, Services Manager, Defence

When I joined Sodexo I was quite happy to just do the job I had applied for well, Level 2 Services Manager, and wasn’t particularly interested in career development.

However my manager, and Sodexo’s development planning process, has really changed my interests, rekindling my ambition and motivation.

My manager, convinced that I was capable of doing more, encouraged me to sign up to a mentoring course and coaching scheme through my development plan.

On my mentoring course I am part of a group of 25 people. It’s great meeting peers from across the business. My coaching scheme has partnered my with a contract director in London which has been a fantastic insight. Both initiatives are really good challenges I am learning lots about the business as a whole and have gained a renewed passion for my role.

All these development activities are preparing me for a more senior Services Manager role where I would be looking after a larger site.

Andy MacPherson, Sodexo Defence

Andy MacPherson, Sodexo Defence

If you would like to develop with Sodexo, visit our Careers Centre www.sodexojobs.co.uk






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