04 Mar 2019
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Developing for future success – National Apprenticeship Week 2019

This week is National Apprenticeship Week! Each day, we will be bringing you insights to celebrate apprentices across Sodexo UK & Ireland and encourage others to think about apprenticeships as a tool for career development.

Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, Sodexo has been an active supporter of the scheme. We are proud that to date, Sodexo has successfully supported 586 employees through apprenticeship schemes using the levy initiative*. The apprentices come from a range of backgrounds, company levels and age groups spanning all parts of the Sodexo business, including within Sodexo Defence & Government Services – a large supporter of culinary apprenticeships.

Two up and coming culinary superstars within Defence & Government Services are commis chef apprentices Patricia Gora and Liam Clements. Both chefs are based at Bhurtpore Barracks at the Tidworth Garrison  (Wiltshire). They support a team of twenty chefs to produce over 800 meals a day!

Patricia is originally from Poland and joined Sodexo two years ago. She started studying for her apprenticeship in 2018 and has already started to see the benefits of taking the step to develop.

“I am so glad that I decided to study an apprenticeship as I have learnt so much in a short space of time and developed skills that have built my confidence. I have entered cooking competitions, won the Sodexo apprentice of the year award and have also been recognised at the regional Star Awards evening.”

Pictured: Patricia Gora, Sodexo commis chef apprentice

The Level 2 commis chef apprenticeship has really pushed Patricia into developing their skills and thinking about their future career aspirations.

“I learn new things every day, enjoying my job and really looking forward to all the challenges ahead in my career.”

Liam also started his Level 2 apprenticeship in 2018 and has taken full advantage by applying for internal and external culinary competitions, including Sodexo Chef of the Year.

“I decided to start an apprenticeship last year as I wanted a challenge. I am always willing to improve my skills and knowledge within the catering business. This is an amazing opportunity to learn a new trade and lots of skills and knowledge”

Pictured: Liam Clements, Sodexo commis chef apprentice

Shaun Williamson, Sodexo services manager at Bhurtpore Barracks is a Springboard ambassador and very happy to have apprentices on site using the apprenticeship levy*.

“I really enjoy having apprentices on site and try to guide and spend some time with them helping with their development, I encourage them to participate in competitions to help them gain confidence. They also attend local craft workshops on a quarterly basis.”

Springboard helps promotes hospitality, leisure and tourism as a great place to work. It also supports young people achieve their potential and nurtures unemployed people of any age into work within the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.

Pictured: Shaun Williamson, Sodexo services manager

The example Shaun sets for other site managers is inspiring. He understands the need to encourage development in employees not only for business success, but also for the employee’s own engagement and futures.

“It is very important to Sodexo as a business to develop our teams and set our standards. There are such great opportunities for our apprentices/chefs to develop and ensure that they deliver a great standard of service to our customers. The apprentice is our future in catering services.”

We will be watching Patricia and Liam closely as they continue their apprenticeship journey – they are ones to watch!

As part of Sodexo’s 2019 National Apprenticeship Week celebrations, we are holding daily prize draws worth £50 for Sodexo employees who have taken the leap to register their interest in an apprenticeship. We will be announcing these daily on our blogs and social media, so if you have registered your interest, check back each day to see if you have won!

Today’s prize draw winner (4 March) is Jane Perry – congratulations Jane!

Anyone can upskill through an apprenticeship programme, so whether you are a Sodexo long server or a newbie starting out on your Sodexo journey – why not up-skill and learn something new?

If you are looking to improve your skills and develop your career, you can still register your interest – click here. #SodexoApprentices

*There may be differences in funding and accessibility for Scotland, Wales and Ireland



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