28 Jan 2019
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A day in the life of a talent & resourcing partner for energy & resources

This blog features an interview with Ryan Candy, Talent and Resourcing Partner for Energy and Resources.

Can you tell us about your Sodexo Career so far?

I’ve been working for Sodexo since 2012 but only joined the Talent Team at the start of 2018. Before that, I worked for the Sports & Leisure segment in Aberdeen and latterly in Edinburgh. I worked part-time for Sodexo all through university, then when I graduated, I was thrown straight into a full-time role. It’s been a whirlwind, but such great fun!

Since I’ve joined the Talent Team, I’ve seen Sodexo in a completely different light; I don’t really have a “desk job”, contrary to what people may think when they imagine what I do. I spend a lot of my time travelling, meeting people and visiting sites in my segment.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I usually start working quite early in the morning–it depends where I’m working! I split my time between working at home, in a Sodexo office or at sites. The first part of my mornings is usually spent working on vacancies assigned to me. I’ll post jobs, review CVs, discuss roles with hiring managers and give updates to candidates. Once I’ve done what I need to do with my vacancies, I’ll look over emails and respond to anything urgent before starting work on whatever projects are my priority. For example, right now I’m working on deploying a new digital solution to manage offer paperwork and a review of our recruitment agency agreements.

Normally, from around 10am to 3pm, my diary is packed with meetings. They can constitute different things, for example; a catch-up the segment HR Director or one of the HRBPs, a 1-to-1 with an account manager, or a meeting with a candidate.

No matter what I’m doing, on any given day, I’m constantly scoping out talent both internally and externally to build a diverse pipeline which will inevitably help me fill roles faster and ensure people are being moved around the business when the time is right. Working with the HR Business Partners to make sure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time is a massive part of my role and it’s a never-ending process.

I often think of my role as a big game of chess with a big emphasis on planning the business’s future people needs…

Tell us about your segment… What sort of roles are there?

My segment is Energy & Resources which delivers integrated facilities management to an array of clients in all sorts of unusual locations, office buildings and right in the middle of the North Sea. Energy & Resources is split into two sub-segments in the UK; Offshore & Marine and Onshore Energy.

The Offshore & Marine business services all sorts of vessels and platforms in the North Sea. Typical roles include: Steward, Chef, Maintenance Engineer, Chef Manager, Heli-Admin and Handyman. Within the Offshore & Marine business, there is also a team of architects and engineers who do project work on the remote sites to upgrade cabins, kitchens and living spaces offshore. Interesting fact: most of our offshore teams have 6 months off every year… The majority of them work 3 weeks offshore, then get 3 weeks at home, completely away from work!

Within the Onshore Energy business, sites such as oil & gas terminals, office buildings, refineries, nuclear sites and an accommodation camp are managed by teams who deliver soft and hard FM services. Typical roles are in facilities management, catering, administration, fitness, engineering, cleaning and project management job families.

There are around 2,000 employees in the segment, working across the whole of the UK. In 2018, I filled nearly 200 roles with internal and external candidates.

What’s the best thing about your job?

My team, without any shadow of doubt. They are all incredible people and we get on really well.

I love the lifestyle it brings; no two days are the same and I’m constantly on the move to make sure I meet the demand from different areas of the business. There is great flexibility also, so I can really make work fit around my life. The style of working is also great, I work best when I’m left to my own devices to get on with things and that’s exactly how my job works.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Working in a remote team can be tough sometimes; all the Talent & Resourcing Partners are dotted around all over the country and we’re not often all together at the same time. Thankfully, we have a very active WhatsApp group that we all chat in regularly and there’s a great HR team in my segment which I’m also made to feel part of.

What do you think are the main skills needed to work as a Talent & Resourcing Partner?

I think Talent & Resourcing Partners need to have a real focus on the client and consumer to fully understand our client’s expectations and what we need to do to meet them. We need to be able to deliver stretched results and constantly innovate; Talent & Resourcing Partners support full segments so have a lot of stakeholders who all hold expectations of us. In order to deliver our service successfully, we need to build a deep understanding of our segments and build strong commercial awareness of the marketplace.

High emotional intelligence is critical; we need to use our agility and tact to approach challenging situations and consult with the business. We also need to have the ability to drive change through articulation of complex issues and solutions. Strong personal & influencing skills are key to this also; we need to challenge with humility at all levels of the business to make sure we get the best results for all stakeholders.

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in a career in the Talent Team with Sodexo?

Don’t be fooled, we aren’t just recruiters!

There is a big difference between “recruitment” and “resourcing”. Whilst we do deliver recruitment solutions to the business, there is a lot more goes on which isn’t always visible to an outsider. It’s important you understand the difference between the two before deciding you want to pursue a career in resourcing. It’s much more fun than traditional recruitment, so don’t be put off!

Most importantly, do your research, it’s key. Reach out to one of us for some inside knowledge, we’re a really friendly bunch!

Take a look at our latest vacancies in Energy and Resources HERE or register for future opportunities.



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