05 Mar 2019
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A change in direction – National Apprenticeship Week 2019

This week is National Apprenticeship Week! Each day, we will be bringing you insights to celebrate apprentices across Sodexo UK & Ireland and encourage others to think about apprenticeships as a tool for career development.

Apprenticeships can be stigmatised as being for those leaving school or college who are just starting their journey into employment. At Sodexo, apprenticeships are open to everyone at all company levels. We operate in this way to give people a chance to change direction, this applies to current employees, new starters and those coming back into work.

Learning and development apprentice Jane Roberts is someone that has come back to work and taken the leap to develop in something new!

After taking some time out of work to raise her now three-year-old daughter, Jane decided to change direction and join Sodexo with an apprenticeship. Jane had previously worked in the hospitality industry but had seen an opportunity to come back to work and retrain.

“My time in hospitality made me really passionate about learning and development, so I’m really excited to get to work with and learn from such an experienced and knowledgeable team.”

Pictured: Jane Roberts, learning and development apprentice

Her Level 5 apprenticeship started in January 2019, so Jane has only just started her Sodexo journey. Jane supports the learning and development team with apprenticeships and helps spread the positive change becoming an apprentice can make. Keen to learn as much as she can, Jane has already made a significant contribution to the team and is off to a flying start!

“Doing an apprenticeship has been a great opportunity for me to retrain in a completely new area in a supported way. Even though I haven’t been in my role long, I’ve had some great opportunities like getting to attended the regional chef forum at St James Park in Newcastle.”

Jane is a shining example of how apprenticeships can open doors to people coming back to work and offer the opportunity to change direction. We wish Jane the very best for her future success!

At Sodexo, we are keen to continue creating opportunity. In addition to supporting National Apprenticeship Week, to celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March), Sodexo has launched the global SheWorks programme – a global programme of job shadowing that gives women the opportunity to experience opportunities they may not have considered previously.

As part of Sodexo’s 2019 National Apprenticeship Week celebrations, we are holding daily prize draws worth £50 for Sodexo employees who have taken the leap to register their interest in an apprenticeship. We will be announcing these daily on our blogs and social media, so if you have registered your interest, check back each day to see if you have won!

Today’s prize draw winner (5 March) is Kate Keating-Kelleher – congratulations Kate!

Anyone can upskill through an apprenticeship programme, so whether you are a Sodexo long server or a newbie starting out on your Sodexo journey – why not up-skill and learn something new?

If you are looking to improve your skills and develop your career, you can still register your interest – click here. #SodexoApprentices


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    1. Hello Xavier, Thank you for your comment! The prize draws are called randomly, so who knows – you may still win if you have registered your interest and are eligible. Keep checking back to find out! Many thanks, Aaron


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